International İstanbul Film TV Forum & Exhibiton 14–16 February

RATEM - Professional Union of Broadcasters

RATEM (Professional Union of Broadcasters), was established in 2001 to produce permanent solutions for Radio and Television Broadcasting, and to follow and protect rights based on the 5846 Numbered Law of Intellectual Property Rights.

In Turkey, there are 178 television companies, including 16 national, 10 regional and 152 local companies, as well as 902 radio companies, including 30 national, 79 regional and 793 local companies, which have applied to the Radio and Television High Council to obtain a license for terrestrial broadcasting.Currently, 798 of these radio and television companies are members of RATEM.

Following its establishment and with a very intensive program, RATEM acted quickly to carry out the necessary studies to realize its goals and gathered the radio and television broadcasters under the same roof. With its successful projects, RATEM became the voice of the entire broadcasting industry, with the support of its members as well as the national, regional and local broadcasters.



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