International İstanbul Film TV Forum & Exhibiton 14–16 February


As a consequence of globalization, the broadcasting industry now breaks records by using the latest technology and tools and influencing decision makers around the world. The media, the main source of information about politics and action, has gained great stamina and become an integral part of social communication. Technological advances have increased accessibility and the new media has transformed traditional media channels.
The Turkish media industry has caught up with the pace of global progress along with those transformations. Turkey exports TV series, shows and original formats to approximately 140 countries and yields an annual revenue of 250 million dollars. With more than 600 TV and 1000 radio channels, Turkey has proven its unusually large and rich broadcasting capacity.

As a result of such developments, RATEM (the Association of Radio and TV Broadcasters), the largest non-governmental organization in the Turkish media industry, organizes the international IFTV with the help of Turkey's leading events organization company, CEO Event.

The Digital Transformation and Future of Media

Due to the record-breaking developments and changes in the content and broadcasting industry in Turkey, IFTV builds a new communication channel with the aim of creating a new alternative platform for cooperation.
Like the previous year, an expo will be held in 2019 as well, consisting of presentations about the broadcasting industry, TV channels, new technology and media companies, film production suppliers, film and series production companies, international distributors of film and series and film locations.
Furthermore, all services and products, from production to consumption, including audio and lighting equipment and accessories, animation, data storage, IPTV , mobile TV, VR and other advanced technologies will be exhibited. 

 IFTV aims at developing and presenting a road map based on the anticipated global trends and advances as well as the communication and cooperation channels in the broadcasting industry. Our goal is to discuss the international agenda of broadcasting and content and to come up with ideas for our common future. Based on the main theme chosen according to the advancements of the year, the forum will include national and international visionaries and opening speakers.
 Come and help us shape the future of our industry together with 
national and international professionals, public representatives and non-governmental organizations


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